6 сентября 2017 г.

Where to get free vector patterns

I recently decided to decorate one of my photo albums and I thought that I need few nice seamless partners for this. So, I started to search for something original and found one million of stock services with free vector patterns and of cause another million of services with vector graphics that is not free. And all these vector stock services looks the same. And the worst this that all of them has the same content.  It turns out that it's pretty hard to find some interesting, something original. I spent few hours on this and accidentally came across one tiny website, not a huge photo stock service at all, with a pretty nice collection of free vector seamless patterns. And of cause right after the registration and simple checkout process, I was able instantly download purchased files. 

So, I can really recommend you this website flourishprint.com. You can use these patterns as cool backgrounds on your websites or as a desktop backgrounds, or just make some accents in your design works. Or even use them as textile patterns, why not? And by the way, they also offer mobile phone cases with their patterns made by one of the best quality producers Zazzl Inc. Don't wat, just click on the link and download free vector patterns.